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Оригинал: DEFLATE Compressed Data Format Specification version 1.3
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5. Ссылки

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6. Вопросы безопасности

Any data compression method involves the reduction of redundancy in the data. Consequently, any corruption of the data is likely to have severe effects and be difficult to correct. Uncompressed text, on the other hand, will probably still be readable despite the presence of some corrupted bytes.

It is recommended that systems using this data format provide some means of validating the integrity of the compressed data. See reference [3], for example.

7. Исходный код

Source code for a C language implementation of a "deflate" compliant compressor and decompressor is available within the zlib package at ftp://ftp.uu.net/pub/archiving/zip/zlib/.

8. Благодарности

Trademarks cited in this document are the property of their respective owners.

Phil Katz designed the deflate format. Jean-Loup Gailly and Mark Adler wrote the related software described in this specification. Glenn Randers-Pehrson converted this document to RFC and HTML format.

IESG Note:

The IESG takes no position on the validity of any Intellectual Property Rights statements contained in this document.


Copyright (c) 1996 L. Peter Deutsch

Permission is granted to copy and distribute this document for any purpose and without charge, including translations into other languages and incorporation into compilations, provided that the copyright notice and this notice are preserved, and that any substantive changes or deletions from the original are clearly marked.

A pointer to the latest version of this and related documentation in HTML format can be found at the URL ftp://ftp.uu.net/graphics/png/documents/zlib/zdoc-index.html.

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